Tue, 22nd July   1486


johnny: Just left the doctors.. turns out @justinbieber needs glasses… just like me 👓

Tue, 22nd July   97189
Tue, 22nd July   338


Justin commented his picture on Instagram

Mon, 21st July   11


i wish i was hot enough for justin to post a pic of me on ig and ask who i was

Mon, 21st July   1832


justinbieber: Shave the stash or let it grow

Sun, 20th July   4735
Sun, 20th July   13410

Justin in his own words

Sun, 20th July   174


Basically I was creeping on this kids insta because I think my cousin has a crush on him. Anyway. Long story short he’s a dick and I found these posts and I’m getting my belieber friends to comment on them, just to Fuck with this twelvie because he’s a douche. So basically reblog or whatever so more people see it and comment for the bae, just to mess with this kid. Don’t send hate. Just comment for Justin. You’ll have to scroll for a bit because he posted them months ago. Which makes it even more fun because the comments are coming out of no where. .. It’s the power of the Biebs.

Thu, 17th July   1140


justinbieber: Tell em @yoventura ;) ur so sweet

Thu, 10th July   233


less than 48 hours ago justin and chantel were joking around about a 3 some i don’t understand

Thu, 10th July   940
Thu, 10th July   164599


His headphones aren’t even plugged in

Thu, 10th July   131


I’m still mad that he doesn’t even say Memphis in Memphis like who does that

that was probably the city he wrote it in, scott said during tour when he wrote he named the songs after the city he was in at the time until he came up with a different title which i would assume he didn’t so he just left it as memphis

Thu, 10th July   2360

Song: Say My Name (written by Justin Bieber)
Artist: Austin Mahone


Say My Name - Austin Mahone (written by Justin Bieber)

shit is fire

Wed, 09th July   13


he’s also doing it to puoposfully get back at selena…he literally tried to recreate their “come cuddle” photo smh i never seem someone who loves drama so much